“As idyllic as a snooze in a hammock on a warm summer day. Perfectly captures the halcyon life to be had in a summer cabin by the lake.”

— W. Bruce Cameron, New York Times bestselling author of
The Dogs of Christmas, A Dog’s Purpose, A Dog’s Journey,
and 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter.

“Christy’s stories resonate with anyone who has arrived at the cabin on a Friday evening and felt the sweet release of tension from their shoulders, anyone who has awakened at the cabin on a Saturday morning at once refreshed and excited about the adventures that await on the lake, in the woods or on the mountain. Christy writes so well that I gobble up her stories effortlessly. Her writing is carried along by her passion for cabin living, generously spiced with her insightful humor, and imbued with the deep love she has for family, friends and neighbors that she connects with in a special way at her favorite place — the cabin.”

— Mark Johnson, Editor-in-Chief, Cabin Life magazine

“Christy captures the seasons of our lives in her charmingly written chronicle of everyday moments at her family’s cabin. Full of vivid details and amusing anecdotes, Cabin Glory makes you appreciate life’s simple, universal pleasures — like skipping stones and dangling your feet over the dock. This is a feel-good book, written from the heart.”

— Teri Rizvi, Founder, Erma Bombeck Writer’s Workshop

“I’m placing Cabin Glory on the living room coffee table where anyone can sit, overlook the lake, and read Christy’s heartfelt stories. I can certainly see a bit of Erma Bombeck in Christy’s stories, and it makes them feel personal to us. Christy’s writing definitely resonates with all us cabin people.”

— Don & Kathy Anderson, Hayward, Wisconsin

“Buy this book. You won’t be disappointed. Christy is an incredible writer.”

— Kendra Smith, Noblesville, Indiana

“I intend to give Christy’s books as cabin-warming gifts. I really do love reading her stories. It’s like Garrison Keillor meets Erma Bombeck, with little charming Hoosier-isms thrown in. Christy really has a gift. Whenever I read one of her stories, it makes my day a little better.”

— Alison Baker Tatlow, Kirkwood, Missouri

“I started Cabin Glory last night and I love it. I’m trying not to read it too fast so I can savor the memories it delivers from my own childhood when times seemed so much more simple. I absolutely love this book. It’s a keeper.”

— Russell Hill, Bloomington, Indiana

“I started reading Cabin Glory and was fighting back tears. It brought back memories…and just feeling blessed to be a part of the [cabin community].”

“A ‘Need-A-Smile’ book is the perfect phrase to describe this book. Whether you’ve owned or visited a cabin or vacation home or not, Christy’s stories of vacationing in northern Michigan will bring a smile to your face. Her writing style in this book is like chatting about her trip to Michigan over a cup of coffee with her across the table from you—an ongoing coffee chat where each chapter is a new adventure she shares from her heart. Even if you are unable to take a real vacation, the stories in this book will provide a vacation from the everyday stresses of life.”

— Mark Fergus, Columbus, Ohio

“English is not my native language, but with Christy’s stories, I can visualize everything. I can see how her father is feeling. I can picture what she is wearing. I feel as if I’m there at the lake with her. She paints a beautiful picture.”

— Fito Paic, the Philippines

“I don’t know much about cabin living, but I would read anything that Christy Heitger-Ewing writes. She’s terrific. If you’ve had great experiences retreating in a cabin or just wish you were in one right now, this book might be just up your alley. Or would make a great gift.”

— Kelly Carr, Editor, The Lookout Magazine, Cincinnati, Ohio

“Christy’s writing style reminds me of Ernest Hemingway. Her descriptions transport me. I also enjoy the short story format. Convenient to read.”

— Bruce Enz, Avon, Indiana

“Reading Cabin Glory, I feel like I’m sitting on the dock looking out at the lake while I read it!”

— Rachel Fergus, Minneapolis, Minnesota

“I just finished Cabin Glory, and it’s sweet, charming, marvelously descriptive and pictorial, and gently and wonderfully celebratory.”

— Sammy Parker, Alpharetta, Georgia

“I was out of town when Cabin Glory arrived, and I’m sure you’re aware of what it’s like going through the mail when you return home. My husband laughed at me because when we returned home from a week-long trip, I’m always on a mission to get unpacked, get laundry started and go through the mail, etc. He laughed at me because as I sat surrounded by mail of all sorts, I stopped and sat for half an hour reading this book. He wondered what had caught my attention to bring my obsession of regaining order to our house to a complete standstill. Once I got started, I didn’t want to put it down.”

— Debbie Stenger, Brookville, Indiana

“I started reading Cabin Glory last night and am loving it. It has me laughing out loud. Such a well written book.”

— Jan Gillings, Edwardsville, Illinois

“If you are looking for a good summer read, look no further. Christy Heitger-Ewing’s book Cabin Glory is delightful and perfect for a pool or beach read. Each chapter is reminiscent of time spent at the family cabin over many summers of her life. Her descriptions are so vivid, you can hear the lake water lapping at the bank and feel the crisp cool evening air when the sun goes down and everything in between. It reminds me of “The Old Man and the Boy” by Robert Ruark. Engaging glimpses into life and times. The cabin we spent time in was not on a lake but on a beautiful small river in the mountains of northeast Alabama. Wonderful memories come flooding back as I read the stories in Cabin Glory.”

— Douglas Maddox, Rome, Georgia

“I am enjoying the book so much. I just got it yesterday and am already on page 112.”

— Mari Hebert, Cheboygan, Michigan

“My wife and I adore this book. Our family has owned cabin property for 35 years. When I read Cabin Glory, I felt like the author had told our life story.”

— Bob Peterson, Indian River, MI

“Reading Cabin Glory is like the feeling of sitting on the dock while your toes tickle the water on a sunny day at the lake; blissful. A sweet collection of stories filled with adoration for the author’s family, life and memories on the lakes of Michigan”

— Jen Tucker, West Lafayette, Indiana

“When I think of the stories in Cabin Glory, I can’t help but smile. Each is a warm and often humorous visit to the lake. The author’s conversational tone makes the reader feel as if he or she were sitting on the dock next to the author, taking in a sunset and visiting over a cup of hot chocolate. This collection of personal essays about memories of times at the cabin is the perfect escape from the craziness of daily life. When reading Cabin Glory, I looked forward to making my escape each time I read a new essay. I only wish there were more!”

— Kathy Anderson, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Cabin Glory is a wonderful book containing a series of stories ranging from semi-serious to utterly hilarious with some good life lessons and all American family values included. Each story is stand-alone, meaning that one does not depend on another, making this book perfect for picking up and reading for a few minutes as an excellent attitude adjuster or longer if you want to prolong your enjoyment. The stories, filled with entertaining detail and witty humor, revolve around a wholesome family’s life at their cabin retreat on what is described as a perfect lakeside setting. The highly entertaining events involve family, friends, and neighbors in a wide range of scenarios. The stories illustrate life’s many simple pleasures, which are easily forgotten, but are yet still so readily available. The author’s commitment to her passion for the cabin vacation lifestyle, love of family and friends, and enthusiasm for life’s opportunities makes this book a refreshing uplifting read.”

— Tim Terry, Rotunda West, Florida

“I don’t own a summer cabin, but after reading this delightful book, I certainly can understand why so many people live for going up north for the summer. The author writes with first-hand knowledge of her many experiences on the lake with family and friends. From swooping (and pooping) seagulls to gawking teenage boys to cabin weddings to ants in the attic, the stories will bring a smile to your face. The experiences are all vividly told often with the author’s wonderful sense of humor, and the reader easily gets into the short but oh-so-interesting stories. Pick up this lovely book, relax in a hammock, and enjoy. You might even find yourself laughing out loud!”

— JKG, Chicago, Illinois

“This is one of those books that transplants you to another time and place. It’s a world where you can enjoy a summer vacation, a relaxing dip in the lake, or an exciting ride on a speed boat. This is one of those books that just makes you feel good. It gives you that escape after a long day at work. And if you have the fortune of spending time in a cabin, you will instantly relate to the stories in this book. You’ll be smiling along, nodding your head thinking, ‘Yep, I know exactly what she is talking about!’ And if you haven’t spent time in a cabin, I bet you’ll want to after reading these stories! Christy is truly a gifted author. She’ll put a smile on your face. This is definitely a book that I think anyone would enjoy!”

— Jen Feiner, Bloomington, Indiana

“You don’t have to be a cabin person to enjoy Cabin Glory; the family memories and seasonal adventures come to life in a vivid fashion that will put you lakeside, with or without your own cabin. The warm retelling of these family tales will have you smiling over what happens here, and is likely to trigger fond memories of your own connected stories. Joy and familial love abound; a real vacation between the covers!”

— Laurie Pellerite, Woodbury, Minnesota

“A delightful read!! You don’t have to read long before wishing for a cabin by a lake!! I felt like I was there as I could picture each member of Christy’s family through each adventure. Laughed out loud at some of the chapters and enjoyed them all. This book makes a great gift to give your friends.”

— Arllys Papke, Bloomington, Indiana

Cabin Glory is a fun set of short stories centering on a wholesome family and their many exciting experiences living in a summer vacation cabin alongside Michigan’s lakes. The many short anecdotes are humorous, fast-paced, and presented in a format conducive to enjoyable reading that you can put down and easily pick up again later. The resemblance to better days past, coupled with vivid details, provide for an uplifting reading experience. This book will have a permanent residence on my coffee table for others to enjoy.”

— Deltagirl, Sarasota, Florida

“A nice book about the ‘good things in life.’ It is based on the true adventures of the author, and how finding peace in life with family is a treasured and realistic goal. The book transforms from the most simplest cabins through family neighborhood friendships that have lasted a lifetime. Although the stories are simple and personal, they provide insight on how capitalizing on opportunities–even ones not originally perceived as opportunities–can lead to increased friendships, adventures, and happiness. An easy, nice read.”

— Larry Rittenberg, Madison, Wisconsin

“I really enjoyed this book. It’s a great feel-good book that brings back all the memories from my youth. My daughter is going to start reading it next. Then on to my parents. The author’s writing does bring joy to people. What a talent!”

— Mike Fritz, Indianapolis, IN

Cabin Glory is a great read for anyone who has loved a cabin on a lake, or just wished they had the opportunity to.
The writing is skilled, funny and insightful, with a variety of stories ranging from the poignant to the irreverent. Through the vignettes, the reader gets to see Christy grow up, through her fun pre-teen years, her more angst-ridden teen years, and then through marriage and motherhood. The author is a good story-teller with just the right touch for a punch-line. An entertaining and enjoyable book, written well and with love.”

Writers Digest judge